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HHim (Brother) & Her (Sister)


Types Of Rakhi:

1. Cartoon Rakhi:
In such types of Rakhis one or the other cartoon characters are made. The characters may be Micky mouse, Donald duck, Tweety, Mogli, Casper, Shaktiman or any other character popular among the children.

2. Sandalwood Rakhi:
These Rakhis are made by using sandlewood pieces in various decorative forms. There may be small animals, flowers or some idols made of sandlewood. Sometimes sandlewood beads are also used to give the Rakhis ethnic look. The sweet smell of sandalwood adds extra freshness to the Rakhi festival. .

3. Musical Rakhi:
Musical Rakhis are those which which play a special kind of music. This music may be melodious, surprising or even some animal’s voice. These Rakhis are again in demand by the young age children. .

4. Floral Rakhi:
These are the Rakhis which have a touch of ancientness. These Rakhis give a complete traditional look. Use of different colourful small and big flowers makes such Rakhis extremely beautiful. These Rakhis are naturally filled with sweet fragrance. .

5. Zari Rakhi:
These Rakhis are made of Zari threads. Apart using the zari as thread it is also used in making the central part or the Rakhi base of Rakhi. The zari is generally silver or golden therefore it appears shiny. .

6. Resham Rakhi:
Resham Rakhis or Reshami Rakhis are those Rakhis which are made by resham threads. Such Rakhis are soft in touch and look bright. All kinds of resham Rakhis, be it a simple Dori or a heavily decorated one, are well-liked by each age-group. .

7. Mouli:
A special kind of thread is used in Hindu Dharma rituals, for tying onto the wrists of the participants of any Hindu rites. This special thread is popularly known as ‘Kalava’. This same ‘Kalava’ is called ‘Mouli’. This ‘Mouli’ is also used as Rakhi. .

8. Gold-Siver coated Rakhi:
When the Rakhis are prepared by using coatings of the precious metals like silver and gold then they automatically give a royal look. At times these metals are also used in the different shapes like flowers, Indian Gods and Goddesses and even beads while preparing the Rakhis. .

9. Shree-Om Rakhi:
Rakhis contaning the symbols of Hindu Dharma, like the ‘Shree’ sign, the ‘Om’ sign and the ‘Swastika’ signs are also in demand. Such Rakhis leave a religious impression. So these Rakhis are specially popular among the old people. .

10. Ram Rakhi:
Sometimes Rakhis are made of simple silk threads. They are very simple Doris only with no decorations at all. Just a flower made of same thread in the middle of the Dori. .

11. Beads Rakhi:
The Rakhis that have beads embedded into their threads or embedded on top of the Rakhi base in the middle of the Rakhi thread are put into this category. Such Rakhis give a unique tribal appearance.

12. Currency Note Rakhi:
Such Rakhis have different denominations of currency notes like Rupees or Dollars attached to them. These currency notes can be duplicate, made of plastic or even real. .

13. Stones Rakhi:
The Rakhis that are made by using the pieces of precious and semi-precious stones are called stone Rakhis. A Rakhi decorated with various kinds of glittering stone pieces looks just marvelous.

Rakhi Thali Decoration Ideas:

1. Floral Thali – You can decorate the thali with different fresh colourful flowers. Either fill the entire thali with the flowers or decorate them only on it’s boundary. Thali can be decorated by single color flowers also. Instead of entire flower only the petals of flower can also be used for decoration.

2. Dry-fruits Thali – Decorate these rakhi thalis with dry fruits like cashew nuts, chestnuts, raisins, cocoa nut, pistachio, almond, betelnut etc. One after another many circles of different dry- fruits can be made which gives a colourful look. Or an entire base of mixed dry fruits can also be prepared.

3. Roli-turmeric Thali – The thali can be decorated with roli and turmeric. You can use them as liquid by mixing a little water to roli and the turmeric. The red and yello combination of these two will give a traditional look to your thali.

4. Collage Thali – Different colourful paper cuttings can be used for the decoration. Though the thali will wear a look of collage painting. The papers used in such decoration could be plain papers with single color or the printed papers containing some or other pictures on them.

5. Choco-toffee Thali – This type of decoration will attract the children more. The area of thali can be divided by drawing lines of chocolates and toffeees. And in every division a different item could be kept. Like the Rakhi, diya, sweets, roli and akshat.

6. Painted Thali – These rakhi thalis can also be ecorated with painting colors. Pour the paint colors in the palette, hold the brush in your hands and let your imagination fly. You can make geometric, floral, landscape or other themes on the thali.

7. Sweets Rakhi Thali – The sweets could be used as decorative items. Either put full pieces of the sweets in a decorative manner or you can also put small pieces of sweets by cutting them in different shapes. You can also use a combination of them.














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